Catholic Mysticism Infused into Society

In the mystical life one passes from one layer to the next in an inner or downward journey to the core of the personality where dwells the great mystery called God….  This is the never-ending journey, which is recognizable in the mysticism of all the great religions.  PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_0 = [ { name: "Catholic Mysticism Read More

Doctor Lucija Tomljenovic  Chosen by God

Doctor Lucija Tomljenovic has a wonderful story of being born and raised in a Catholic family from Croatia. Her love for biology and science led her across many continents in a quest for truth in both Science and Religion. In this gripping tale you will discover how Lucija came to understand that she was Chosen Read More

A Biblical Renewal for a Catholic Marriage

Former Roman Catholics, Mark and Shawn Prosser, discuss their great struggle to find true Biblical salvation. In a moment in time not only did they find   the truth of God but a true marriage renewal. Watch as they interact and share their story of saving faith with Richard Bennett. PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_2 = [ { Read More

The Orthodox Eucharist Is Not the Lord’s Supper

Note from Berean Beacon: This article is adapted from the book: Eastern Orthodoxy Illuminated by the Scriptures (Curent: Belgrade, 2009), written by Serbian author, Ivica Stamenkovic. His research is based upon Holy Scripture, as well as primary Orthodox sources. Future articles will further examine in detail other Eastern Orthodox teachings on salvation. Jesus Christ commanded Read More


The Seven Pillars of Eastern Orthodoxy

Pillars are an integral part of the structure of many buildings. The Eastern Orthodox Church rests upon the ancient pillars of the Seven Ecumenical Councils. This paper will examine the general concept of these councils. The light of Scriptures will appraise a particular decree of the Second Council of Nicea in order to test whether Read More


Icons: Visions of the Spiritual World in Orthodoxy?

In recent years, icons have captured the imagination of many Christians and non-Christians alike. The Eastern Orthodox Church is well known for its use of icons. This paper examines the history, purpose, and use of icons and asks the question: are they contrary to the Scripture? A pictorial1 icon2 is an image (generally two dimensional) Read More

The False Ecumenical Movement in Slovakia

Jan Sichula and Ivan Hlavanda of Slovakia give their personal journeys of faith in this highly Roman Catholic nation. Besides the account of grace in their own lives, they explain with deep concern about the false ecumenical movement that is taking place in Slovakia. There are real practical lessons to be learned in this interview Read More

A Labyrinth Way from the Convent to Life in Christ

This is the heartwarming life story of former Nun, Eileen Doran. Eileen was born to an Irish Catholic family in New Jersey. She had spent sixteen years of her life with the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. With great feeling she explains the labyrinth of ways in which she sought to be right with Read More

500 Years Later the Papacy Is Still Antichrist

By Richard Bennett and Stuart Quint The propaganda machine of the Roman Catholic Church is ramping up in 2017. Rome continues to execute its grand strategy geared toward ignorant evangelicals defined at Vatican Council II over 50 years ago: “…little by little, as the obstacles to perfect ecclesial communion are overcome, all Christians will be Read More


Are Eastern Orthodox Bishops Really High Priests?

The office of the Bishop is essential to the continuation of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Without the bishops, the Orthodox Church would cease to exist. This paper briefly examines the historical development of this ecclesiastical structure and compares the concept of the Orthodox Bishop with the bishop or overseer as described in the Scriptures.1 The Read More