The Mystic Plague

Candles, crucifixes and confusion invading modern Evangelical churches. Listen as Richard Bennett traces the modern emergent church movement  back to the ecumenical plans set forth in the Second Vatican council in the early 1960’s.

Breaking the Grip of Catholicism

 These and other appalling snares that Catholic dogmas impose on souls must be understood in the light of Scripture in order to be free from them. This Richard Bennett does as he sensitively discusses this topic with former Catholic and now Christian Pastor, Joe Flahive.


Mysticism in the Emerging Church Matches Roman Catholicism

Find out the Connections between the mysticism of the Emerging Church movement and Roman Catholic Mysticism. Are they the same. Is there a common source or is Emerging Church just drawing from Catholicism or is it possibly a branch of Catholicism? See the facts and quotes as Richard Bennett, a former Catholic Priest, reveals the Read More

Satanic Catholic Mysticism and the Emerging Church movement

Find out exactly what is behind Catholic mysticism and how is it connected to the Emergent church moment? Former Catholic Priest Richard Bennett breaks down the deceptive veil to expose the false teaching of the Emerging Church. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Pinterest Share Share on Google Plus Share Share on Read More