Do Catholic Priests Have Special Powers?

Richard Bennett, former Catholic priest for 22 years, reveals in depth the false claims of Rome for its priests. Instead, he points the viewer to the true Source of forgiveness in Jesus Christ alone. Richard also demonstrates that priests are souls in need of salvation themselves from the One true High Priest.

Catholic Sacraments: A Ruthless Trafficking in Human Souls

By Richard Bennett and Stuart Quint   Before a general audience in Rome in 2013, Pope Francis declared: “First of all, the communion of the Sacraments. The Sacraments express and realize an effective and profound communion among us, for in them we encounter Christ the Saviour and, through him, our brothers and sisters in faith. Read More

The Anointing of the Sick

Richard Bennet a former Roman Catholic Dominica priest of 22 years unravels the Biblical meaning of the anointing of the sick compared to that of the Roman Catholic Sacraments of healing.

The Blasphemous Roman Catholic Mass

Paul Flynn and former Roman Catholic Priest Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon candidly discuss what the Bible say about the mass? Does it honor or dishonor God? What is the truth about the presence of Christ in the sacrament? How can a man have communion with God?

True and False Worship- The Cross or the Mass

In this compassionate and compelling message, former Roman Catholic priest, Richard Bennett, outlines the false worship that takes place in the Roman Catholic mass. The sharp contrast between the true message of Jesus death on the cross and the man-made sacrifice of the mass will come into focus.

Life from Sacraments or Life from Christ

Former Roman Catholic Priest Richard Bennett gives a detailed account of the process in which a catholic person is taught how to receive the grace of God by actively participating in physical church sacraments  and how the scripture shows a sharp contrast in true biblical Salvation. Catholics are taught that you earn Gods grace as you participate in sacraments.

The Blasphemous Roman Catholic Mass

We are joined on the show today (via Skype) by former Roman Catholic Priest Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon. Richard served as a Catholic Priest for 22 years and spent 48 years in the Roman Catholic Church. Richard today shares with us his many years of research on the topic from the Roman Catholic Church's Read More

Two-Edged Truth by Richard Bennett

Part I: Former Catholic priest Richard Bennett shares his testimony exposing the emptiness of devout Catholicism, while also indicting false Evangelicalism in the ECT   “Evangelicals & Catholics Together” document.