From the Monastery to the Ministry – José Borras

Father, you must start a campaign against the Protestants. They are growing more and more,” said Sister Dolores, a nun in a cloister where I went on Sundays to say Mass and preach. I was a young priest and teacher in a school of Spain when the nun asked me Sunday after Sunday to do Read More


I Found Everything When I Found Christ – Anthony Pezzotta

While studying theology in England, I began to have serious doubts concerning certain doctrines of my Church, which I found difficult to reconcile with Scripture. These doubts continued to trouble me even after my ordination, but I endeavored to smother them by plunging into my studies and teaching assignments. My schedule was so heavy that Read More


Why I Left the Monastery – Miguel Carvajal

It was four o’clock in the morning. I put as much clothing and other articles as possible into a suitcase. My decision to leave the monastery had been made. I carefully opened the door of my room without turning on a light, because it might be harmful to me personally if I were discovered slipping Read More


Saved by the Free Grace of God – Robert V. Julien

I chose to become not only a Roman Catholic priest but more than that, a Roman Catholic missionary priest. The reason was that I wanted to do great exploits for God. I thought that being a missionary in some far-away land and learning a strange language and strange customs would indeed be a great adventure, Read More


Christ Alone is the Way – Henry Gregory Adams

What great relief and heavenly peace came into my soul when Christ found me, a lost sinner! I was born of Roman Catholic parents in Wolseley, Saskatchewan, Canada and brought up strictly in the Roman Catholic faith. From early youth I was trying to be good, yet falling progressively into sin. With the rest of Read More

Catholicism vs Biblical Faith Part 1

Are Catholics Christian? Does the Bible contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church? Watch as former Dominican Catholic priest Richard Bennett goes into complete detail exposing these very obvious contradictions.