From Friar to Freedom in Christ – Hugh Farrell

Many years ago, when I decided to become a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, I wanted to walk with Christ. However, because I was born a Catholic, I believed that the Roman Catholic Church was the only true church and that outside of that faith it was almost impossible to be saved.

Catholic Presupositions

Former Dominican Priest, Richard Bennett addresses the primary catholic presuppositions that negatively influence catholic people from getting beyond deception and into the light of God’s word.

Why I Left the Monastery – Miguel Carvajal

You and I have no doubt seen at one time or another a man dressed in a long black or white robe, walking along with his hands folded and with a serene expression on his face. Our first thought may have been that we were looking at a “ god, dressed like a man,” to use a common expression in some circles. Actually, it was a Roman Catholic priest, a figure shrouded in mystery.

A Medical Nun’s Story

My first path in the journey of life was as a Catholic medical missionary nun for thirteen years. However, it was the calloused treatment of a  drug-addicted nun/surgeon in the Catholic Medical Missionary Order that caused me, a dedicated nun, to become disillusioned. This is my story and the three torturous paths I took on my journey toward peace and reconciliation with God.  

Testimony of New Believer in Christ Saved from Rome

Steve Visconti explains his conversion to new Life in Christ with a freshness and zeal that is quite remarkable.  His glowing testimony shows the grace of the Lord. This interview with former priest Richard Bennett and Steve Visconti will help those who are recently saved out of Catholicism to understand the Lord’s promise, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, the Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.

A Priest Story – Richard Bennett

Former Roman Catholic Priest, Richard Bennett shares his life story of coming to true Biblical salvation outside of the Catholic Church. His story covers many years of deep contemplation over the message of the scriptures and his trial as he compared the Bible with official Catholic teaching. Richard clearly shows the joy of the Lord as he comes to biblical salvation at the age of 48 and then his departure from the priesthood.

An Interview with a Former French Canadian Priest

Former French Canadian, Roman Catholic Priest Jospeh Tremblay, is interviewed in Ireland. Jospeh shares his life story begging with his cherished memories of being raised  in a devout Roman Catholic family in Quebec Canada. Inspired as an alter boy he went on to be schooled in Rome and eventual ordained into the priesthood. Although he was extremely devout he reveals that he was actually a stranger to God.

With Love for Catholics

In this round table discussion, New Yorkers, Brian McLaughlin and Richard Wozniak speak about their lives as Catholics and their coming to personal dynamic faith in Christ Jesus outside the Church of Rome.  Candor, sincerity, and compassion are the hallmarks of this interview hosted by Richard Bennett.

A New Creation

The amazing transformation of Clarence Hafelin is very evident in his testimony. Listen in as Clarence helps define the biblical concept of being born again and walking as a new creation. He reveals the sharp contrast with the Catholic idea that infant baptism is the source of new spiritual life. A touching story of true conversion.

Polish Catholicism to Trusting in Christ Alone

With deep love for Catholic people, Peter Slomski explains his own coming to personal faith in Jesus Christ. Peter is from a Polish Catholic family and delivers his touching testimony to the Lords love and grace.