A Biblical Response to Evangelicals Promoting the COVID Vaccine

The marketing campaign for the vaccine has begun.  Religious leaders are being enlisted to lead the charge.[1]  Not all are consenting to the charade.[2]

This brief note will briefly analyze the argument of Dr. Albert Mohler, head of the Southern Baptist Seminary.[3]  He is typical of evangelical proponents who likely with good intentions have missed significant issues.

This note will examine primarily Biblical, theological issues with the COVID inoculation.  Previous articles address the dubious “science” on COVID and the corrupt “experts”:

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In response to those such as Mohler, two of the Ten Commandments are most relevant:

  • Thou shalt not kill.”[4]
  • Thou shalt not bear false witness.”[5]

1. “Thou shalt not kill” is more than simply not committing murder. God expects us to protect life.

Remember the list of potential side effects the FDA itself lists with the inoculation.  They include sickness and death, not life!

Consider the warning of a nurse who had just received the vaccine – and whose face is now paralyzed by Bell’s Palsy!   Other comments under the video show others have suffered this and other side effects.

Initial data from the CDC show at least 3,000 people who took the first dose of the vaccine have suffered malignant side effects.

Such risks from the vaccine are not worth it, especially when the survival rate from COVID is well above 99% for most people.

Contrary to Mohler’s contention that the vaccine will help, new findings say the opposite.  The “experts” are now telling us that even with the vaccine, masks, social distancing, and lockdowns will remain on the table.  Furthermore, the vaccine might only be good for six months.

In other words, the COVID vaccines won’t protect you.  You might even be worse off after taking them.

2. “Thou shalt not bear false witness” also applies to science (one of Mohler’s key arguments).

We agree that true science (observable, repeatable, verifiable) is good and a gift from God.   It is just like fire.

However, just as fire can be manipulated for ill use in the hands of sinful people, the same is true with “science”.  And much of the “science” surrounding COVID is flawed.

Testing for the COVID vaccines was rushed.

Throw in the contradictory narratives with dubious “science” to support them (such as the efficacy of masks and lockdowns, and their inconsistent application for elites versus the general population).

In other words, the question “Why should we believe you?” is a legitimate one.

Skepticism toward the COVID vaccine is not just a US issue, but also extends to Europe.  40-60% of polled respondents in various countries refuse to take the vaccine.

Acquiescing to the shifting, manipulated COVID narrative of the elites is akin to collaborating in their deception.

Christians first and foremost have no business in promoting harm to their fellow human being nor concealing truth.  Instead, we should be promoting truth.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”[6]

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