The Roman Catholic Church Promotes Islam and Accepts the Islamic Faith

For most of his Pontificate, Pope Francis has promoted Islam. Instead of warning people against the onslaught of Muslims across the world, Francis has left unaddressed Islamic persecution of European, Middle Eastern, and African people. Francis’s promotion of Islam is horrendous. The world is made quite aware of the negative influences upon societies as Muslim Read More

The Roman Catholic Church Accepts Islam

The Roman Church has been consistently encouraging a massive influx of Muslims into Europe, even into the USA. As huge numbers of Islamic migrants continue to stream into Europe and causing mayhem, there is great concern among Western people. Nonetheless, Pope Francis continues to promote Islam.

Pope Francis Courts Islam to Oppose Christ’s Gospel

As huge numbers of Islamic migrants continue to stream into Europe from the Middle East, there is great concern among Western people.  Nonetheless, even with this astonishing background, Pope Francis continues to promote Islam.  Instead of warning people against the dangers they face from the onslaught of migrating Muslims from across the world, Francis has Read More

The Biblical Mary and the Mary of Catholic Tradition

The Roman Catholic church manufactures an unbiblical characterization of the birth mother of Jesus. The Mary of Catholicism is in direct contrast and seeks to mimic and mock the office of Christ Jesus. Rome teaches that just as Christ was sinless, so was Mary.  Just as grace comes from Christ, so Mary is the mother of grace.  Just as the Lord saves His people from their sins, so Mary is the cause of salvation.  The Bible clearly states that there is only one mediator for mankind; amazingly the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that Mary is a mediator.  This excellent presentation also exposes the unifying worship of Mary  with Islam.

Pope Francis Covers Up His Promotion of Islam

Comment by Richard Bennett On Monday, January 11, 2015, Pope Francis tried to cover up his promotion of Islam by a condemnation of the Jihadists of the Islamic State.  Pope Francis told members of the international Diplomatic Corps in the Vatican on Monday that every true religion promotes peace, and by contrast, religious extremists who Read More


Islamic Ecumenism Deceives and Attacks Christians

Dear Friend,                         Deceptive ecumenical outreaches in the Christian world have been persistent in the last forty years.  An Islamic outreach to that Christian world is quite unique, however.  Because this Islamic overture to peace is so insidious and has been so well received by some major players, it is extremely important to analyze it.  The Papacy is involved Read More


Muslim Jesus vs Biblical Jesus

Muslim Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus Twenty Two Scriptural Reasons Why They Are Not the Same Jesus A Compilation and Comparison by James Sundquist, President, Rock Salt Publishing, rock.salt@verizon.net The Islamic position on the identity of Jesus is taken from the Koran and Hadiths, which together comprise the ultimate authority in the Muslim Religion. Most Muslims Read More


The Papacy and Islam

By Richard Bennett and Robert J. Nicholson New Partnership With Muslims In his message to the predominately Muslim nation of Kazakhstan twelve days after the horrors of September 11, 2001, Pope John Paul II declared, “‘There is one God’. The Apostle proclaims before all else the absolute oneness of God. This is a truth which Read More