Pope Francis Covers Up His Promotion of Islam

Comment by Richard Bennett

On Monday, January 11, 2015, Pope Francis tried to cover up his promotion of Islam by a condemnation of the Jihadists of the Islamic State.  Pope Francis told members of the international Diplomatic Corps in the Vatican on Monday that every true religion promotes peace, and by contrast, religious extremists who kill in God’s name—such as the Islamic Caliphate, are a perversion of real religion. Such a disclosure was just another attempt to play both sides, as this Jesuit Pope is so skilled in doing.

Pope Francis stated, “every authentic practice of religion cannot fail to promote peace.”[1] However, he fails to make mention of his own Roman Catholic Church that carried on one of the most horrendous, torturing, murdering campaigns during the years of the Inquisition.  The torture chambers of the Inquisition lasted 605 years and were found throughout the nations controlled by popes of Rome.  They had their beginning under Pope Innocent III in 1203 until the Inquisition’s final dissolution in Spain and Portugal in 1808.  Moreover, just like what we have seen with the Roman Catholic Church during the Inquisition, it is evident in the same way with the terrorists who fulfill the mandates of the Qu’ran.

For the Catholic Church to promote Islam, when those who are faithful to its harsh teachings kill so-called infidels, many who claim to follow Christ, reveals much about the state of the soul of the Pope of the Catholic Church.  Thus it appears that this Jesuit pope is not any different from the popes during the 605 years Inquisition.  Francis’ dishonesty on Monday, January 11, 2015 was simply a deceitful cover up.

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