Historical Facts: Reformation to Modern Times

History is of supreme importance as it is the storehouse of lessons comprehended from the past. In this video Pastor W. J. Mencarow along with Richard Bennett clearly document the actual historical facts of following the Reformation.

In this video you will discover the origins and purpose of the Jesuit order. Learn about the “Counter Reformation” and the creation of the Popes shock troops, the Jesuits who were tasked to restore the Catholic lockdown on the growing Protestant Church.

Learn about the roots of Jesuit “Futurism”, the forerunner of modern day “dispensational theology”. Futurism was the handy work of Roman Catholic Jesuit, Manuel Luncunza, (JUAN JOSAFAT BEN-EZRA) Download Luncunza Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Discover how this aberrant doctrine found its way into mainstream Evangelicalism through the Oxford Moment and championed by John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren. The Scofield Reference Bible was the icing on the cake to usher in futurism into the 20th century. Sensational authors such as Hal Lindsey catapulted Jesuit Futurism into the mainstream and eventually the truth was left behind by popular authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins.