Is John Paul II Truly Blessed in the Sight of God?

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When Pope John Paul II was alive, he traveled to many different nations of the world receiving a great deal of adulation and veneration. Since his death in 2005, he continued to be adored across the world. Soon, however, the Catholic Church officially designed the religious devotion. From May 1st 2011, the date of his canonization, people would be instructed not only to show him religious veneration, but also were urged to pray to him.
Thus, it is most important that we answer the question, Is John Paul II blessed in the sight of God? What is at stake is the salvation of souls, because worship and prayer to a dead human negates essential biblical truths foundational to the Gospel. We carefully document from his official position in the Vatican what the former Pope instructed people to believe. We also outline exactly what are the consequences of worship shown to a human being.

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