Romanizing America through Illegal Immigration

These . . . confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.”

Hebrews 11:13

By Pastor Ralph Ovadal, April 10, 2006
A shortened, edited version of this article appeared in the British Church Newspaper, May 12, 2006.

In recent weeks, the advocates of the “rights” of illegal Mexican immigrants, accompanied by and even led by Roman Catholic priests, have staged rallies, protests, and parades all across the United States of America. For instance, on March 25, 500,000 people took to the streets of Los Angeles, flying Mexican flags and chanting slogans such as “Viva Mexico!” Another 500,000 marched in Dallas on April 9, waving Mexican flags with “Our Lady of Guadalupe” emblazoned in the center. This outburst of protest was a response to several immigration and border reform measures working their way through the U.S. Congress. Due to the efforts of the Mexican government, the criminal neglect of our U.S. government, and a porous U.S.-Mexican border, there are now somewhere between eleven million and twenty million illegal immigrants in the United States of America.

I have been talking about this situation for years on my “Heart of the Matter” program because of the social, political, and most importantly, spiritual affects that the alien invasion is having on America. It is unfortunate that very few people have been concerned with the religious aspect of this issue. Over the past few years, I have spent time pointing out that the Roman Catholic Church is aiding and abetting the criminal invasion of America from Mexico because the illegals are almost all Roman Catholics. That church/state which maintains political, diplomatic relationships with the UN, the EU, the Russian Federation, the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine, and 174 nations around the globe is working both legally and criminally on behalf of a movement, the goal of which is to bring as many Mexicans into America as possible so as to eventually take over a large chunk of our nation for Mexico. This multifaceted movement, made up of radical organizations such as La Raza (The Race), Aztlan, and MEChA, is called Reconquista (Reconquest).

The leadership of the Roman Catholic Church has a stake in Reconquista. The pope and his henchmen are looking to turn America, founded and still a Protestant country, into a Roman Catholic country. But space requires that I narrow this discourse down to providing documentation of that just-made claim, which to some people makes me not only a “Catholic basher” but also a “white supremacist.” That’s what Alex Koppleman, a columnist for the Drexel University magazine Dragonfire, called me in a March 30, 2006 column in which he included this statement from an article I wrote some time ago:

. . . the Roman Catholic Church has its own plan of reconquest. She is determined to reestablish the power she once exercised over the civil governments and populations of the world. The pope, along with the Reconquista cadre, views South, Central, and North Americas as being one “from Argentina to Alaska.” On several occasions, Pope John Paul II has “consecrated” this “America” to “Our Lady of Guadalupe.” The Mexican people streaming across America’s porous southern border are Roman Catholics. It is in the interest of the Vatican to establish as many Roman Catholics as possible in the United States of America. The pope and his partners in spiritual crime care little how the job is done—whether illegally or legally—just so it is done. (1)

That is a statement I stand by and which stands on solid ground. The Roman Catholic Church is determined to turn Protestant America into a Roman Catholic country, and her best bet to do that is to bring as many Catholics into our nation as possible.

To that end, the Justice for Immigrants campaign was founded by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Twenty other Catholic organizations have joined together with the bishops in a massive educational, media, and political campaign to block immigration reform in America. On its website, the Justice for Immigrants campaign lists the bishops’ “criteria for the reform of the U.S. immigration system, including . . . abandonment of the border ‘blockade’ enforcement strategy.” (2) Plainly speaking, the goal is to eliminate America’s security along our border with Mexico! The U.S. bishops together with their Mexican counterparts, of course with papal consent and encouragement, have determined to use Catholic treasure, influence, and manpower to erase America’s border! This is not surprising to the discerning Christian. Sovereign nations have always been a hindrance to the pope’s effective exercise of his office as “father of kings, governor of the world and Vicar of Christ.” (3)

The bishops and their comrades in crime are sparing no expense or effort to influence every strata and institution of American culture. Reading the material which the Justice for Immigrants campaign has produced for distribution to school children is reminiscent of the propaganda used by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network for the same purpose!

Mark D. Franken, executive director of Migration and Refugee Services for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, recently told the Washington Times that all of America’s 197 Catholic dioceses “are in some way backing the campaign, with more than 70 being particularly active.” (4) As Mr. Franken points out, Catholic advocacy on behalf of the illegal alien movement is highly organized, and the troops are getting their marching orders from the top. Consider this from the Catholic Zenit News Services: “Representatives of the Holy See and of the Catholic Church in Mexico are opposing a U.S. bill on immigrants, considering it a violation of human rights. . . . On Sunday, the California Catholic Conference of Bishops appealed for full migratory reform, which will include the legalization earned by illegal workers with their effort.” (5) So now criminals “earn” the right to have their criminality ignored by taking a job and getting paid for it. The lack of general outrage over such Romanist remarks cannot help but remind one of Revelation 18:23—”by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

On January 22, 2003, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in concert with the Catholic Bishops of Mexico, issued Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope—A Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration. This lengthy, authoritative document contains statement after brazen statement endorsing and encouraging illegal immigration from Mexico. The bishops include a glossary of terms in which they differentiate between an immigrant; a legal immigrant; a refugee; and a migrant, one who freely moves back and forth across national borders. The bishops make it clear throughout the document that their concern is for “undocumented” immigrants and migrants—the illegals.

While the majority of Americans find illegal immigration damaging and dangerous, the bishops find it otherwise: “We speak as two episcopal conferences but as one Church, united in the view that migration between our two nations is necessary and beneficial.” (6) Yes, the Romanists find “migration” necessary and beneficial to the cause of Rome; hence, the bishops call for an underground railroad to help illegals make it into America from Mexico:

We call upon pastors and lay leaders to ensure support for migrant and immigrant families. We urge communities to offer migrant families hospitality . . . We commend church communities that have established migrant shelters . . . We call on the local church to help newcomers integrate . . .

The reality of migration, especially when the journey entails clandestine border crossings, is often fraught with uncertainties and even dangers. As migrants leave their homes, pastoral counseling should be offered . . . (7)

To buttress their lawless instructions, the bishops turn to antichrists of the past:

Catholic teaching has a long and rich tradition in defending the right to migrate. . . . (8)

As Pope John Paul II wrote in Ecclesia in America: “. . . They often bring with them a cultural and religious heritage which is rich in Christian elements. The Church . . . is committed to spare no effort in developing her own pastoral strategy among these immigrant people, in order to help them settle in their new land and to foster a welcoming attitude among the local population, in the belief that a mutual openness will bring enrichment to all.” (9)

Pope Pius XII reaffirms the Church’s commitment to caring for pilgrims, aliens, exiles, and migrants of every kind in his apostolic constitution Exsul Familia, affirming . . . “the sovereignty of the State, although it must be respected, cannot be exaggerated to the point that access to this land is, for inadequate or unjustified reasons, denied . . .” (10)

Of course, the quote from John Paul takes us back to my claim that the leadership of the Catholic church is so very concerned about the “human rights” of illegals because those illegals not only add numbers to the pope’s flock but also spread Romanism in America. The bishops are not shy on that point and give some straightforward instruction for equipping the illegals pouring in from Mexico: “Prayer books and guides to social and religious services should be provided along the way and at the points of arrival. The migrants should be reminded of their role as evangelizers.” (11) It is one thing for a religion to equip its followers as “evangelizers,” but it is quite another thing when they are being equipped as criminals violating the border of a free nation.

The bishops’ pastoral letter is far from being the only documentation which could be given to prove that the Roman Catholic Church is unlawfully using illegal Mexican immigrants to build her power base in America. For instance, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C. said this about illegals in El Paso Times: “They . . . come with the values that are so needed in the United States today. . . . This is a special moment in the history of the Catholic church and the history of migration.” (12)

Archbishop José Gómez of San Antonio, speaking of the illegals, boldly points out: “[T]he values they bring . . . is [sic] making North American culture return to its Christian roots. . . . The values of the immigrants are very basic, reflecting a profound Catholicism.” (13) Anyone who knows America’s history would contest the suggestion that our nation has Catholic roots. Quite the opposite!

Cardinal Norberto Rivera, Mexico’s archbishop, is jumping the gun in his claim that America is now a Catholic nation; but he is right on all other counts when he says, “In the north the emigrants, Mexicans and those who pass through Mexico, are bearing the faith to the north of our continent. Only five years ago the [Catholic] church was in the minority in the United States, it is now the majority.” (14)

Of course, the Catholic bishops are the generals in the offensive against America’s sovereignty, security, and Protestant identity. The thousands upon thousands of diocesan and religious order priests are the frontline troops who are charged with turning rhetoric into reality. As might be expected, the priests tend to be even blunter than their bishops with regard to the Catholic church’s “human rights” work on behalf of illegal Mexican immigrants. For instance, consider this from Priest Paul Marx, as quoted in the well-respected Catholic paper, the Wanderer, May 6, 1987: “America is a dying nation. I tell the Mexicans when I am down in Mexico to keep on having children, and then to take back what we took from them: California, Texas, Arizona, and then to take the rest of the country as well.” (15)

As is plain from that quote, the Vatican’s corrupt campaign to funnel illegal “evangelizers” into America did not start in 2003; but it is increasingly out in the open, more aggressive, and more anti-American. For instance, the 2003 pastoral letter of the Mexican and American bishops openly decries the “xenophobic and racist attitudes” (16) of those Americans who are demanding an end to the alien invasion from Mexico. They are also outraged that our border patrol would actually arrest individuals criminally crossing our borders. “Alarmingly, migrants often are treated as criminals.” (17) The bishops echo the shrill charges of the leftist Reconquista crowd when they speak of “reports of physical abuse of migrants by U.S. Border Patrol agents” (18) and claim that “the U.S. record of handling undocumented unaccompanied minors from Mexico and other countries is shameful.” (19)

Oh, and did I mention that in 2003 the bishops also suggested a Catholic commission “study the possibility of a more comprehensive preparation and assignment of clergy, religious, and lay people who dedicate themselves to pastoral accompaniment of migrants”? (20) Isn’t that subtle—Romanist-trained guides for the illegal aliens breaching our borders from Mexico? But, as the bishops gloated in their letter, “This cross-border collaboration has already reaped positive results.” (21) It certainly has. The Roman Catholic Church in America has been reinvigorated, and its prospects are bright if only the move toward immigration reform and the re-securing of America’s borders can be staved off.

The pope and his people do not care one whit about the economic and social effects of their campaign to Romanize America. They do not care that we now have thousands of vicious MS-13 gang members, illegals from Central America, roaming the streets of American cities. The scarlet and purple cadres couldn’t care less about the danger that unsecured borders pose for the citizens of America in this day of Islamic Jihad. The woman who has ridden the beast in the past wants to get back in the saddle again in the worst way. The predominately Protestant nature of America’s culture and our traditional defense of our national sovereignty are obstacles which stand in the way of the world without borders which is in Rome’s best interest. The bishops, of course in compliance with their boss’s wishes, have seen the benefit of America’s porous border and are determined to seize the moment: “Now is the time for both the United States and Mexico to . . . work toward a globalization of solidarity.” (22)

And speaking of solidarity, we will end this brief reminder of the cold, calculating ambition of Rome with this closing encouragement to lawlessness by the Catholic bishops of America and Mexico: “We stand in solidarity with you, our migrant brothers and sisters, and we will continue to advocate on your behalf for just and fair migration policies. We commit ourselves to animate communities of Christ’s disciples on both sides of the border to accompany you on your journey.” (23)


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