Thou Knowest That I love Thee – Juan T. Sanz

I felt as if my spiritual and psychological life were collapsing. Under the terms of Roman Catholic doctrine, I lived constantly in a state of “mortal sin,” 1) because I formally doubted my faith, 2) because I did not search for the pardon of this and other sins in the sacrament of penitence, 3) because I searched for biblical truth in Protestantism and not in my Bishop and theology professors, 4) because I rejected the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical hierarchy and authority, 5) because I rejected the doctrinal authority of my church concerning the Bible, 6) because it seemed to me that the aural confession of sins robbed God of the right and power which only He has in His person and the actions of His Son, Jesus Christ, and 7) because the celebration of the Mass seemed to me a supplanting of the merits of Christ on the cross.